Union Group always holds on to its believe that any business undertakings must be beneficial to all stakeholders of government, community and corporation. Union Groups enthusiastically participates public welfare activities by assisting local government to build utility infrastructure and improving public services and people’s livelihood.

As of now, Union Group is committed to a number of public welfare activities

Since 2010, UnionGroup donates US$500,000 every year to Cambodia Red Cross and so far the total donation has been accumulated to 3.5 million US dollars.

Construction of 58-km roads and 90 culverts for villagers easy travel and transportation.

For the relocated people from the Project and improvement of public utility service, Union Group has completed and delivered a number of community necessities, including 968 houses, 5 schools, 3 police stations, 5,000 sq. meter market place, 2 township office and temples, several water ponds and 150 water wells, 1 ambulance donated to the local clinic, just to name a few.

Construction of 1,100 meter cannel for fisherman navigating out to sea.

Donation to build a school.

Union Group is prepared to set up “Union Charity Fund” and “Union Development Fund”. Through scientific and systematic management tool, it will undoubtedly bring the awareness of social responsibility to a new height.

Environmental Protection

Union Group always takes commercial, legal, ethical and charitable responsibilities for investors, communities, government and environment. In the process of business operations, it strives to promoting environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, green circulation, low carbon and high efficiency as its own obligations.

The Union Group is always pursuing ecological planning and design, green construction, recycling, energy-conservation and environmental-friendly technologies whenever necessary. Energy and resources saving and promotion of innovation and upgrading of environmentally-friendly technologies are everyday tasks. Union Group as a responsible corporate citizen is committed to all these and beyond.

Environmental protection infrastructure is always on the priority agenda. All measures of smoke prevention, dust control, sewage treatment, waste treatment and disposal facilities are carefully designed and constructed to meet the local requirement.

The planning and design is strictly based on the topographical and geomorphological features, so as to protect natural landscape and preserve the virgin ecological environment as well as to maintain the diversity of marine life.

In order to promote green construction concept, a production line of cold-formed thin-wall housing system from New Zealand has been imported and installed. So far 15,000 sq. meter of housing materials have been produced.